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Super fun birthday party magic shows for kids ages 5-12 in Phoenix and surrounding areas

This website is for "In-Home" birthday parties only.

If you're planning a different type of event
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Dear Parent,

I'm The Magical Mr. Rose – The most trusted family entertainer in the Phoenix Metro area. I specialize in presenting super fun birthday party magic shows especially suited for children ages 5-12 (and adults who are still connected with their inner 8-year-old). They're squeaky-clean and will be talked about for years to come.

With over 25 years of experience, more than 200 shows every year, and being a father myself... I KNOW what makes kids laugh. I will do it for your party, TOO!

I offer a fantastic birthday magic and entertainment package featuring comedy, amazing magic, puppetry, music, and gifts for all the kids. It is age appropriate - squeaky clean comedy, &...

Best of all the real STAR of the show is your birthday child.

I provide you with more than just an amazing magic show. When you book with me, I can save you a ton of time and money by giving you access to my digital downloads - including a birthday party planning guide, RSVP list, party invitations that you can easily customize, and printable magic party themed decorations. 

I look forward to working with you to help make your child's upcoming birthday party, the one everyone will be talking about all year!



Co-Starring The Magical Mr. Rose

Magic Show & Entertainment Package Includes...

Photo By: Jay Dodson

  • 100% Audience Interaction
  • Tons of Funny and Clean Comedy
  • Absolutely Amazing Magic
  • Birthday Child Can Float (3 feet) In The Air!
  • Magic Themed Souvenir Gift for Each Guest
  • Your very own "Private Theater" in your living room
  • Professional Sound System & Microphone
  • Mini Magic Lesson

100% Money Back Guarantee

If your child and their friends aren't laughing and having the most fun birthday party EVER, then you don't pay.

No need to worry though, no one has ever had to ask for their money back. Instead, my clients love the show and often hire me back for another party or other event.

15-Minute Early Arrival Guarantee 

Here is my commitment to you... Not only will I be there, I'll be early!

"Squeaky" Clean Show Guarantee

I GET IT and I won’t let you down. You can rest assured; they are appropriate for any age group; and have been tested and approved by both kids and parents alike.

Booking is as easy as 1-2-3

As a father myself, I understand how busy parents are and I've made booking your entertainment with me super easy, 1-2-3-DONE!

We won't have to do a ton of back and forth... You'll also be able to see my schedule and book my kids birthday party magic show package right here, on-line.


Birthday Magic Show
Highlight Video

Watch me on the Hit TV Show
"Penn & Teller: Fool Us"

Rave Reviews

You don't have to take my word for how great these shows are... here are a few of my super happy past customers.

Wow what can I say, my son had a smile from ear to ear the entire time.. Such an amazing experience for him and even us adults. Loved every second and didn't want it to end, best birthday ever for our son Haylen and also mommy and daddy, because.. Win/win for sure.. Loved the magic, loved the comedy, and loved the joy it brought to young and old alike, we can't thank you enough!

Brittany Holder - Mom

We hired The Magical Mr. Rose for our 7 year old son's Birthday Party and We Loved Him!!!! Highly Recommend. The kids loved him - He had me in tears with laughter and joy. Thank you Mr. Rose you Rock!!!

Jessica Heath - Mom


SO much fun!
We had The Magical Mr. Rose for Our 9-year-old son's birthday and he was great! Both the kids and adults loved the show. Thank you,  Mr. Rose, for a great show."

Amy Sorenson - Mom


He levitated my daughter!
He's incredible, a great magician, great Dj, great person and party host. He's amazing, so...Thank you, Mr. Rose - You are the best.

Lisa Pearson - Mom

About the Show

You have your choice of either a Half Hour or 1 Hour Comedy and Magic Show Package filled with tons of audience participation, crazy comedy and artful magic that will have the kids spellbound and the parents wondering how that was done!

The real Star of the show is your child!

The focus of my show is placed on your child and how it’s their special day. (Even if your child is shy, I still make 'em feel special). Your child will get to help make the magic happen throughout the show.

The whole show is packed with amazing, mind blowing magic that the kids will understand and will rave about. It is the best and most age appropriate birthday magic show you will ever find in the Phoenix Metro Area.

I do my best to get every kid attending to be actively involved in the show. You won’t have to worry about any of the kids being bored or restless. My attention to audience participation and magic will make this the best party they have ever had.

(I only offer this in the 1 Hour package and the picture says it all...That's Right! With this GRAND ILLUSION I will make your child FLOAT 3 feet in Mid-Air!*)Your child can float 3 feet in the air

If your child is shy or scared, I will still make 'em feel like the STAR and one of their friends will get to do it with your child's help.

My Grand Finale is called “Magic Cookies”. I (with the help of your child, and their friends), place cookie ingredients into a pan, mix them up with the, “magic spoon,” cover the pan, say -- by say, I mean yell really loud-- the magic words - 'Happy Birthday [your child's name]', and viola... cookies for everybody!

When you choose the 1 Hour package - I will stay after the show for 15 minutes to teach them some magic they can share with their friends and family, answer questions, take pictures with your child and their friends.

*Only one child will get to float but everyone helps.

About the Theater Backdrop and Show Setup

Within 15 minutes I'll have the show, your 'Private Theater'
and premium sound system set-up and ready to go.

You won't need to provide much for the show. All I need to perform is an open area in which perform, people to perform for, & an electrical outlet with two open slots within 20 feet of the performance area for my sound system. The stage area should be about 10-15’ wide and about 5’ deep with a clear floor space in front for the kids to sit. “Kids on the floor, the adults get the couches and chairs.”

I’ll bring everything else needed for the show.

My show must be indoors. You can have the party in the back-yard and invite your guest inside to see the show. Having the show indoors provides a safe, climate controlled space with less distractions - all leading to a better performance. Let's face it... Arizona is HOT.

Also, the theater backdrop is only for indoor events - a small breeze makes it act like a big sail and it could potentially tip over and hurt someone. I don’t want anyone to get hurt. Safety First.

About the Souvenir Gift

FREE Souvenir gift for each child*

I make sure every child at the party receives their very own magic themed gift. The birthday child and their friends will love them!

Roll-up Wand Activity Page

These are pre-rolled in a plastic tube making them look like magic wands but when unrolled, they have the illustrated instructions for 5 magic tricks!

About the Digital Downloads

To help make your birthday party planning as EASY as possible...

I offer FREE digital Downloads that you can edit/customize and print from your home computer or send to the print shop.

These Party Planning Extras are included FREE! They Include:


Party Planning Guide

7 steps to a great party - What to do and when.

Choosing a Theme - How to choose and work with a theme
Choosing a Date and Place - When is the best time to host a party and the pros and cons of indoor or outdoor locations
Planning the Party - Thoughts on decorations, food and games.
Decide Who’s Coming - Suggestions for how many to invite and invitations
Party Planning Checklist - What to do and when (Start early to avoid last minute stress)
Party Setup - More what to do and when
Enjoy the Party - How to get help during the party and after.
Bonus - How to get your guests to arrive on time.


This is my FREE gift to you just for stopping by and seeing what I have to offer.

You'll get access to the rest of my downloads when your booking is confirmed.

Download Free Party Guide HereGo ahead and do it now, you'll thank me later.

Magic Themed Party Invitation Template

Easily add your own details and print from home.


Three (3) different DIY Magic Themed Party Decorations

Each one includes: Buffet tent cards, cupcake toppers & wrappers, happy birthday banner, goodie bag toppers, ice cream cone wrappers, name tags, napkin rings, party signs, popcorn boxes, straw flags, water bottle labels & ticket style invites.

Magic Show Prep Kit

Which includes: RSVP list, Emergency Contact list,  last minute party checklist, gifts received list, sample Thank You cards, and a parking sign for your magician.


After your booking has been confirmed, you will receive a link and password to my downloads page.


Are you the only children's magician in town?

No, I am not. BUT (like every entertainer), I am going to tell you I am your best choice.

You have found one of the best full-time magicians in the area and I work closely with the others.

If you would like a list of some of the other performers in the area, that I know and trust, please contact me directly and I’ll be glad to share that information with you.

I want you to have the best birthday party possible… even if you don’t use me.

Is this what you do for a living?

YES! Performing magic is ALL I do to provide for my family.

I LOVE it and can’t think of anything I would rather do for a living. I am blessed to be able to spend my life making other people happy.

Are you recognized by the state to work with minors? / Do you have your fingerprint clearance card?


I have my State of Arizona Department of Public Safety – Fingerprint Clearance Card. So, you can be assured that I have been cleared by the state to work with and around minors.

How long should my party be?

On average, most birthdays I attend are scheduled for 2-3 hours. This allows for enough time for your guest to arrive, play a quick game, watch the show, sing Happy Birthday, and have cake and ice-cream, open presents and perhaps play another quick game or two.

When’s a good time to have you begin your show?

A good general rule is to have the show begin about 1 hour after the party is scheduled to begin to allow for late arriving guests to not miss the beginning of the performance. This prevents distractions from late arriving guests. (e.g. party starts @ 2pm – show starts @ 3pm, party ends @ 5pm

Do you have an example of a party timeline?


  • 2:00pm
    1. Party Starts
      1. Guests Arrive
      2. A Party Game or Two is Played
  • 2:45pm
    1. The Magical Mr. Rose arrives
      1. Load-in / Set-up
  • 3:00pm – 4:00pm
    1. Magic Show
      1. Levitation
      2. Mini Magic Lesson
  • 4:00pm – 5:00pm
    1. Party continues
      1. Guest Moved into Dining Room
      2. Sing “Happy Birthday”
      3. Cake & Ice-Cream Served
      4. Gifts Opened
  • 5:00pm
    1. Party Ends

What size audiences can you entertain?


Typically most home birthday parties invite 6-30 kids along with accompanying adults.

I usually have 150 extra souvenirs with me. If you’re hosting a large party please let me know so I bring enough for everyone.

I’m celebrating more than one child’s birthday, can you still entertain at my party?

Yes! I will have all of the b-day children be the stars of the show. Everything else is the same except I have a few more lucky participants!

How does your program differ from other magicians?

I am currently the only one offering the full theater experience. The backdrop, sound system, and custom magical souvenirs, along with an amazing show, are not presently offered by any other magician in town. Also, being a successful children’s entertainer requires a range of specialized skills and experience, which can only be gained through thousands of performances. I typically perform at more events a month than most magicians do in an entire year.

Is the show clean and age appropriate?

Yes! I take pride in that my shows are specifically geared towards children. I specialize in entertaining children with clean and fun magic…and the show is covered by my “squeaky” clean guarantee.

Can you perform the show outdoors; like the back yard or a park?

NO, my show must be in-doors. You can have the party in the back-yard and invite your guest inside to see the show.

Having the show indoors provides a safe, climate controlled space with less distractions all leading to a better performance. Let’s face it… Arizona is HOT.

Also, the theater backdrop is only for indoor events for two (2) reasons:

  1.  It is very hard to clean and attracts dirt, dust, and grass like a magnet.
  2.  Even a small one (1) mile an hour breeze makes it act like a big sail and could tip over and hurt someone. I don’t want anyone get hurt.

May I take photos &/or video?

Yes, of course! There are plenty of great photo and video opportunities during the show. Many priceless memories can be captured. I would love it if you would share those memories with me.

May I serve the kids food, snacks, and beverages during your show?

I recommend serving treats & drinks before or after the show. It’s a HUGE distraction for the kids. Not only eating the snack, but then the serving of it and cleaning up that takes place. At this age, they need the least amount of distractions as possible. So I HIGHLY recommend NOT serving goodies during the performance (also because it’s a show based on audience interaction and participation, I need their hands to be free…besides, it could turn messy).

Can I hire you to entertain my children in one room while all of the adults hang out in another room?


Due to liability issues, I do require that all of the children be supervised at all times by at least one responsible adult (besides me). I simply can’t be held responsible for supervising them. This is to protect you, the children and me.

Can I invite young infants, babies or pets to the party?

I recommend any child under 3 sit in their parents lap during the show, only because they often are a distraction to the children and adults who are trying to enjoy the magic show. Although I love pets and have some myself… Please keep your pets in a separate area (sorry Tinker Bell).

Party Package

Unlimited # of Children Allowed. Most of the children attending must be between ages 5-12.

1 Hour - Magic Show + Levitation + Mini Magic Lesson
  • 45 Minute - Magic Show
  • + Levitation - b-day child can float in the air
  • + 15 Minute - Mini Magic Lesson
  • Theater Backdrop & Sound System
  • A Souvenir Magic Wand Activity Page for Each Child Guest
  • Party Downloads
  • All Three (3) Guarantees
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A Little About Me...

I'm The Magical Mr. Rose: a magician who has been performing for over 30 years, I got my start at the tender age of eleven.

I was Born in Florida in 1975, and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I have performed across the US and Canada. In 2003, I moved to Phoenix and have since performed for thousands of families all across the Phoenix Metro Area.

In 2016, I appeared on the national TV show - “Penn & Teller: Fool Us”. Where I got the chance to "fool" Penn & Teller in front of a live audience... and I DID! They liked me so much they invited me to return and perform with them in the “Penn & Teller Theater” at the Rio Hotel and casino in Las Vegas... which I DID!


For the fastest service: CLICK HERE to check my schedule and book here, on-line.

This site is for "In-Home" birthday parties only.

If you're planning a different type of event please call me @ 480-788-2329.

A little extra FYI... In addition to being a magician, I'm a husband and father. I have set aside the time between Sunday evenings through Wednesday mornings for my family.

If you email or call and leave a voicemail during those times; I'll get back with you on Wednesday when I return to my office. You can still check my schedule and book on-line 24/7.